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Too Excited About Throwing Up My Arms And Screaming “Goal!”Every time I open my mouth, it is readily apparent I wasn’t reared in Panama. My Aussie accent  (even in[…]Read More Working With Trusted Real Estate ProfessionalsSelling real estate is a personal endeavor. People, with whom you are advising need to trust and it isn’t easy[…]Read More It’s Always Important To Know What Is Happening In The KitchenThe gentleman was very specific when he arranged an appointment to look at investment opportunities in Costa del Este, so[…]Read More Rapid Infrastructure Making a Big DifferencePanama has been talking about building a fourth bridge for some time. Recently, it was announced that awarding the final[…]Read More A Helicopter, Hotel Nights and a Limo May Help Retirement Decisions!Knowing where you want to retire is a huge decision, requiring a great deal of soul searching and reflection. When[…]Read More How Different Is It to Retire in Panama vs. The United States?The statistics must be right about there being millions of Baby Boomers in the United States who have recently retired[…]Read More 

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