Liz Larroquette
Royal Palm drawings pencil

Pre-construction Pricing Can Mean Profit, But Do The Research

I’m the first to admit it takes a bit of courage to invest in something which is little more than a model of what a new home might look like, along with fancy pictures and lavish copy promising stunning

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Safety Sign on a Panama Flag

Being Safe in Panama

It was a strange request early in the morning. “I want you to tell me it’s safe”, said the woman with a light French accent who was at the other end of the phone. Her voice sounded tired and somewhat

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View Parque Central Costa Del Este

Costa del Este: Building on Success

Over the past decade, I have watched the Panamanian real estate market boom, lag and then boom again. Around 2009 it was widely felt that Panama City hotel rooms, offices and residential units would stand

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Panama flag Mexican flag

Puerto Vallarta or Panama For Your Retirement Dream?

For retirees who dream of a great year-round climate, sprawling sun-blessed beaches and a low cost of living with a lot of expats around for company, both the country of Panama and the city of Puerto Vallarta

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Island Cash Symbol Boat on Ocean

Is It Panama’s Responsibility To Police Investments?

The other day I was driving in Panama City and saw not one, but two international television trucks filming journalists as they motioned to the glass and steel building housing the Mossack Fonseca law

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Bridge Sky Panama Flag

Panama Is What It Is

A colleague of mine came into my favorite coffee shop the other day, tossed a print copy of The Financial Times, on the table and declared, “I’m sick of reading articles about Panama that tend to indicate

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Liz with couple at Royal Palm site

Royal Palm by Empresas Bern – Construction Update (April 2016)

There is something special about watching a building rise into reality from architectural renderings. Royal Palm, the Empresas Bern beach development in Nueva Gorgona, about 50 minutes from Panama

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compass ball panama flag

Regardless Of Election Outcomes, Come On Down!!

It is hard not to follow the Presidential election currently playing out in the United States. You can watch the candidates pretty much 24/7 on CNN International and there are the late night American shows

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paper stethoscope policy

Healthcare Is Great If You Plan Ahead

It’s doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. The other day I heard the unmistakable noise of an ambulance’s motor running while medical responders attempted to stabilize a patient before taking

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desk laptop drink glasses

Becoming What You Want To Be In Panama

“I write romance novels,” said a resident to me the other day. She smiled and gave me a minute to process the information. The relatively new resident and her husband had recently purchased a

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champagne glasses sunset beach

Just Chill and Party

One of the things Panamanians do really, really well is party. I often laugh when recently arrived transplants start to realize there are a lot of holidays celebrated in Panama and many times those holidays

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