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Panama Continues To Develop

It seems like everything has changed and much has stayed the same since the COVID-19 pandemic descended on us a year ago. When things first started closing and quarantines were enacted, it never occurred to me we would still be grappling with the pandemic a year later. Nonetheless, a year in and Panama continues to aggressively […]

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Things Seem More “Normal”

Last week, a big yellow DHL plane landed at Tocumen International Airport and rapidly began unloading 12,840 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer. Four of the deep-cold freezers had been installed across Panama, ensuring the supply was kept safe, potent and readily available. By the end of that first day, 641 doses had been […]

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Why You Need More!

People often send me links to “Best Places To Retire” or “Top Places to Live Abroad” articles. Panama is routinely among the countries and cities listed and if Panama is not listed, I dig deeper to judge the factors used to create such a list. In my mind, Panama should be on every “Best Of” list! […]

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