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​Join the hundreds of investors, retirees, and soon-to-be’s who are gaining real-world knowledge on navigating Panama’s real estate and lifestyle landscape.

Each month, you’ll get an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at Panama from Liz, the real estate authority who has helped thousands of expats find success in Panama.


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Who’s Liz Larroquette?

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I’m Liz Larroquette, a Panama real estate and relocation expert from Australia (now you’re reading this in an Aussie accent…aren’t you? Add a spot of Panamanian slang and you’re getting close!)

You may recognize me from various Panama news publications or my appearance on HGTV’s House Hunters International. But my Panama journey started back in 2006, when I left a career in resort management to work in Panama’s real estate market.

I’ve helped thousands of expats find their ideal Panama investment through real-life real estate guidance and this website– which is my way of helping from afar.

Here, you’ll find the same tips and insights that my clients have benefited from for years. I hope you find it to be just as much value.

You can read my full story here.

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