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Royal Palm. Absolute Beachfront, Absolutely Spectacular. [Update + Video]

The twin towers of the luxury beach-front Royal Palm condominium complex continues to meet and surpass construction deadlines with projections for first units to be delivered by December 2017

Construction on the two-tower complex with 21- and 28-floors respectively, has been completed to the 13th floor.

“We haven’t experienced any construction problems,” said Chief Engineer Ing Broce, who heads the on-site portion of the Royal Palm project for developer Empresas Bern. “We are projecting the outside structure will be completed by July or August 2017. In March 2017 a model apartment will be open on the sixth floor. The social area on the third floor is near completion and all the high-speed elevators will be delivered in April with plenty of time for testing,” Broce continued.

Royal Palm Gorgona

The Social Area on the third floor is nearly complete and includes an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, as well as a spacious sun deck.

“We were pleased to get the social area on the third level so far along because that type of space can be slow going,” said Broce. “We have changed a few things including putting in space for a restaurant on that level, along with the pool, bar area, sun deck, playground and party room, kids pool and a multipurpose court.”

The social area on the ground level has also made remarkable strides according to Broce. “There is a terrace on the ground level leading out to the beach and ocean, an infinity pool and a sun deck.

I can already imagine families and individuals enjoying the areas we are just completing. There are days when I just want to take off my shoes and walk the few steps to the ocean, but I keep them on because we need to stay on schedule!”

“The most amazing thing about these buildings are the views” said lead sales manager for the project, Liz Larroquette. “They are simply stunning. Gorgona sits on some of the most beautiful beach property in Panama and Royal Palm is absolutely ocean front. Only 50 minutes from Panama City and 10 minutes from Coronado, the residents will have easy access to all the commercial outlets in Coronado, but yet the seclusion of a beachfront that is just in development,” she continued.

Pacific Ocean View Royal Palm Panama

The Royal Palm building is designed so that every apartment has a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean. Simply stunning.

“Since this particular stretch of beach along the Pacific Ocean does not have any other complexes, the units in Royal Palm are unencumbered,” explained Larroquette. “When you see photos of dream vacations or luxury residences, these are the types of places featured in those photos. Blue sky, mountains as a backdrop and sweeping views of blue, sparkling water. Royal Palm setting a high standard.”

According to Larroquette, sales have outpaced projection and the “sunrise side of the front tower is sold out, however there are two-bedroom units remaining in the second tower on the sunrise side” she explained. “The sunrise side has definitely sold more quickly, but because the entire building is absolute beach front, all the views are spectacular,” she said. “There still a few side-by-side units available, providing owners with the ability to customize for larger three-bedroom units with more open living space.”

Royal Palm Gorgona Model apartment

The model apartment at the Empresas Bern Sales office is now open for display. Picture yourself with a cocktail on the balcony!

It is a natural phenomena that Panama is positioned so the sun both rises and sets on the coastal section of Panama which includes Gorgona and Royal Palm. “I went up in the construction elevator the other day,” said Laroquette, “and the views were so intense. You have the open ocean and you can also look directly into the quiet bay of a fishing village. I couldn’t keep myself from just staring.”

There are currently 175 workers daily on the project, but that number will grow to over 300 when, in the next couple of months, attention is turned to detail work completed by electricians, plumbers and tile layers. “There’s still a great deal to be done” said Broce. “We are digging the hole before pouring concrete and placing a 60,000 gallon water tank to provide residents with uninterrupted drinking and bathing water, even in times of severe water shortages. We have all the interior doors and tiles ordered and the windows will start being installed late January,” he continued. “It’s exciting when everything begins to take shape and come together.

“Because Royal Palm is designed to meet the needs for a variety of people—young families, retirees, vacationers who rent and individuals from different countries—we are installing an extra layer of polyurethane foam to the interior sheeting and the apartment walls,” said Broce. “This will help with noise control and insulation from high temperatures. I’m not sure of another beach project that will be able to offer such quiet and tranquility for the residents,” he said.

Royal Palm Gorgona Panama

Picture yourself waking up to this view, or enjoying an evening cocktail from your balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

As is the tradition for Bern developments, a number of add-ons are being incorporated into the project. “We have a complete emergency electrical plant, an emergency fire system with sprinklers in common areas and apartments and we will be replacing the old electricity posts and hoists from the main road leading into the complex. The road is a pretty straight shot from the Pan-American Highway and will be paved once construction trucks are finished coming in and out of the area,” explained Larroquette. “The details are coming together perfectly.”

The building is designed to resemble the hull of a ship which is not only dramatic looking, but functional in providing sweeping ocean views. “There isn’t another complex like Royal Palm in this area,” she said, “or in this price range. Of course we are still in pre-construction pricing, so the units which are left currently have very attractive pricing and tax abatements. It’s so perfect for families, retirees or as rental income. It’s just great to see the project come to life.”

For additional information about the Royal Palm condominium complex currently under construction in Nueva Gorgona, Panama, call Liz Larroquette at +507 6981-1717 in Panama or 214.736.9253 in the United States. Email is also available via

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