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FFQ: Frequently Feared Questions about Panama

Recently, it has occurred to me that many of my clients’ frequently asked questions about Panama are driven by fear. Fear of the Unknown, fear of change, fear of risk-taking. While having a certain level

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The 4 Best Hospitals in Panama

Panama’s healthcare system has gained an international reputation for being one of the best in the world. Countless North American and Europeans are choosing to have medical procedures done in Panama

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How to Apply for Your Panama Visa

The procedure for applying for a Panama visa is the same whether you are applying for your Pensionado visa or your Friendly Nations visa. (As the former applicant, however, you must also provide proof

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10 Tips for Visiting Panama Immigration (without wanting to jump into the Canal)

Let’s be honest, here. Visiting immigration is one of my least favorite things on the PLANET to do. It’s confusing, lines are long, and it’s just- well- boring. To be fair, though- it’s a small

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“Do’s and Don’ts” of Buying Pre-Construction Real Estate in Panama

Pre-construction real estate investment in Panama is on the rise. I can’t say I’m surprised, either. When the government announced its multibillion-dollar Panama Canal expansion, I knew prices would

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Panama Pensionado Visa Requirements

Are you 18+ years of age? Do you receive any kind of monthly pension over $1,000? Is that pension guaranteed for life? Are you without any serious criminal history? If you answered yes to all, congratulations-

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New Resources, Royal Palm, and the Gold Coast Expansion

Panama is the place to be, whether your looking to retire, relocate, or invest. But finding quality news and information about Panama (especially in English) is often like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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High Standards for High Season: New Resources on the Horizon

High season is around the corner, and those of us familiar with Panama know just what that means. Soon, our quiet coastal communities will transform into the bustling beach destinations we know them to

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Investors Keep an Eager Eye on Panama’s Gold Coast

Panama’s Gold Coast- the stretch of Pacific beaches nearest to Panama City- has surfaced as one of the most attractive real estate markets on the modern Latin American landscape. Comprised of coastal

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Empresas Bern Adds New Development Royal Palm

Empresas Bern is pleased to welcome Royal Palm into its iconic family of luxury beachfront condominiums. Royal Palm will grace the pristine shores of Nueva Gorgona on Panama’s Gold Coast, located just

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