Introducing Boldly Panama

For almost 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with individuals who wanted to vacation, move to, or invest in Panama. When I first arrived, this unique little country was just beginning to develop as a nation. I have had the amazing luck of watching her grow into an impressive, powerful, well-managed country with many first-world challenges and outstanding attributes.


As Panama developed, my work went from helping adventuresome expats find their perfect retirement home to putting together investment real estate portfolios for individuals and companies who recognized the growth potential on a much larger scale. I’ve always loved being able to reach out through my blog that started all about the Panamanian lifestyle to a more focused report on investment possibilities.


Utilities, Bank Accounts, and Driver’s Licenses

Having someone who speaks the language and knows how to negotiate your utility and cable accounts will save money for the long haul!

At first, I had time to help people establish their utility accounts and make introductions to bankers and other professionals such as attorneys and physicians. Then there simply weren’t enough hours in the day. I could see people struggle with language barriers, basic information about establishing residency, obtaining a driver’s license, avoiding financial mistakes, and how to figure out which school was right for their child. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to help, it was that I was running as fast as I could with other demands.


So, when COVID-19 hit, we all slowed down. Instead of focusing on the challenges Panama was meeting head-on with the global health crisis, I have been able to put together a team that developed a website aimed at two things–being the biggest Ambassador possible for Panama and putting together, in one place, the most up-to-date information on all things Panama. Today, we are introducing the hard work of all those COVID months–the Boldly Panama website.


Healthcare, Cost-Of-Living, or The Food Scene?

Putting together a comprehensive plan for accessing world-class Panamanian healthcare for an exceptional price takes knowledge and research. Boldly Panama does that for you!


Want to know about healthcare, where to go for the best, and what that should cost? Can’t decide which schools are right for relocating your family? Looking for an amazing vacation with children? A romantic getaway? What Panamanian community perfectly fits your lifestyle? How about what the cost-of-living in Panama is really like? And, the best restaurants for Thai food or a Sunday brunch?


Boldly Panama is a dynamic website with short-films covering everything from tourism to religion and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute; in-depth “Grand Guides” that provide up-to-date information that is detailed and accurate on a variety of Panamanian subjects; interview videos that address hot topics such as visas, healthcare, tourism and how to set up a business in Panama.


Information That Is Real

As Panama has grown and increasingly developed awareness on the world stage, it is irritating there remains so much misinformation on the internet and through social media. People continue to ask about $650 a month rent in a luxury residential tower in Punta Pacifica. No. Not possible and you are reading a blog by someone who hasn’t been in Panama since 2013. 


Of course, that is just one example of inaccurate information people are mismanaging. As Panama has developed so have the regulations governing how individuals can move to, vacation, and invest in the country. Today, you must use a Panamanian lawyer to obtain a visa–you cannot go it alone. But which Panamanian lawyer is skilled and reasonably priced? You must have your paperwork in order; you cannot continue to skirt the law by making a weekend run to Costa Rica or Colombia! Your foreign bank account will be reported to the IRS.


Proud To Tell Her Story!

I am also incredibly proud of Panama and I want and need to tell her story. The other day, a client told me she was walking in her upscale neighborhood and ran into an attorney friend who was well-read and educated. The client told her friend she was struggling with the many steps in her home and that she was considering a move to Panama where domestic help was inexpensive and reliable and the residences were all on one floor. The friend responded almost laughing, “What do they have down there some kind of dictator?” After a brief, but directed education about Panama’s democracy, limited cost and length of national elections, and how there hadn’t been a dictator in power in 30 years, the friend was genuinely surprised–and embarrassed.  

Sloths and howler monkeys are hanging out in the rainforests waiting for the grandchildren to visit. There are plenty of activities for the children as well as the adults when considering how to enjoy time with visiting family.

I had a son call the other day concerned about his parents’ decision to move to Panama. “I mean, how would I allow my children to visit?”, he inquired incredulously, slightly suggesting we might not have running water. At that point, I knew I needed to write about the wonderful rainforest tours where the children would visit with the howler monkeys and sloths, the family-focused mega-resorts with Kids’ Clubs and daily activities, and the surfing and kite sailing camps, even the most celebrated fishing lodges where more fishing records have been recorded than anywhere else on the globe. I know his two boys would love to catch a big, beautiful Black Marlin–and then maybe wash their hands with running water!


A Labor Of Love

So, Boldly Panama has been a labor of love. You always think your baby is the most beautiful and I feel the same about the new website covering Panama. It’s a membership site and not free. I cannot manage to maintain this level of up-to-date information without a small staff of writers and researchers. It is designed to save time and money and make learning about Panama easy–whatever your individual goal may be–and totally worth the investment.


There are different ways to access the information on the Boldly Panama website as well as having tons of free information and short-films that are fun and informative. You may purchase a month’s membership providing a package of credits to access information for $39 or go for a larger package with a quarter membership for $99, and an unlimited annual membership for $349. While each level provides an increased amount of benefits, the annual membership includes an hour of consultation with two of our most senior consultants (I’m one of them!) worth $150 and when you come to Panama, we’ll be happy to pick you up at Tocumen International Airport–a $60 value–and deliver you to your Panama City hotel.


Nothing Is Perfect

We know that it doesn’t matter how many times, we have tested the coding and proofread every article, nothing is perfect. There will be glitches. Because it won’t be perfect, we are offering a one-time 25% discount for you, the VIPs on the Liz Larroquette website. This will be good only until October 31 (Halloween), so if you are interested, please act now. Do you think it will be perfect by then?

New articles, webinars and films will be continuously updated on the Boldly Panama site keeping everything as up-to-date as possible.


With the discount, the one-month membership will be $29.25, the quarter, $74.25, and the annual/unlimited membership $261.75 including the $210 in enhanced benefits. To claim your reduced membership, just go to the membership portion of the site, and enter the code LLVIP to be automatically reduced.


I am so excited to offer this level of information to my long-time supporters. We are counting on Boldly Panama being successful enough to maintain new articles and films on at least a weekly basis. Everything will be as up-to-date as possible. There is an “Interesting Reads” section that keeps readers knowing who and what is being said about Panama around the Globe. From The New York Times to The Straights Times in Singapore; Travel & Leisure and beyond.


Give It To Me Straight!

I would also love to hear from anyone who’d like to make a suggestion or let me know how the site felt to them. I can be reached by email at Suggestions and corrections are always welcome because I know the Liz Larroquette VIP members want everyone educated about just how fabulous Panama has become!

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