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Defining the Landscape of Panama

Empresas Bern and the Bern family have been defining the physical landscape of Panama for almost 40 years by providing real estate development appropriate for various areas of Panama, including multi-use, residential, tourism and commercial, but it’s only part of their story.

Herman Bern started a small construction company in 1978 and recently, The New York Times called the company, “one of the most prolific builders in Panama”. Three generations of Berns have not only provided signature contemporary designs, they have established the benchmark for Panama’s highest building standards while creating a better environment in which to thrive.

Colleague of some of Empresas Bern's projects in Panama

The brand that builds Panama

Always humble, the Bern family celebrates and shares their success with employees and the country at large by putting an emphasis on education and opportunity. Employees are urged to excel professionally and individuals from every walk of life have the opportunity for a high-quality bilingual education through The Bern Institute.

Empresas Bern consistently contributes to building a strong Panamanian workforce by providing opportunities for both students and adults. They expect their own associates to meet exacting standards after receiving training on everything from conflict resolution to engineering. The Bern Hotel Group, affords opportunity for Panamanians of all ages interested in hospitality, through their affiliation with, and support of, the International Hotel School of Panama.

For individuals wishing to attend any of these institutions, but without the ability to pay, tuition is waived through a work-study program so every deserving student is given an avenue for development and certification. The work-study program not only pays the tuition, it also provides valuable experience for the highly-motivated.

But, of course, none of these programs would be a reality without the success of Empresas Bern, the real estate development company and overarching parent company to all Bern initiatives. To date, more than 150 real estate projects have been completed and Empresas Bern is proud to say they only sell what they develop, guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship. Their expansive portfolio of stunning projects such as the 40-level Parkside, 46 floors of Matisse, sprawling TownCentre East Coast Mall, 33-story Mirador, Corporate Center of Plaza del Este and the luxury residencies of Punta Vela, a 33-story landmark building in the heart of Coronado.

Discover the brand that builds Panama

40 years of excellence!

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Empress Bern’s commitment to excellence does not stop with their own exceptional building practices, but also the companies with whom they associate. The highly regarded InterContinental Hotel Group, Starwood Hotels and the Sensory Spas by Clarins are only a few of Empresas Bern’s collaborations.

In today’s economy and Panama’s continued growth, it is easy to say you are a developer, it is something else to stand by a long tradition of always doing the right thing—for the company, the employees and the nation. Empresas Bern, is and will continue to be, committed to building beautiful, well-crafted projects by demanding the highest standards and achieving the best possible outcomes.

Just as the Panamanians do, be assured when you see the Empresas Bern logo, you know the project was completed correctly and to the highest national standards. By delivering vision and quality, they have set the bar for Panamanian real estate development.

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