Author: Liz Larroquette

Whether you are looking to retire in Panama, relocate your family, or buy property as an investment Liz is a wealth of knowledge you can and should tap into.

Is Panama the Next Singapore?

I have always felt there was only one place like Panama and that was Panama itself. First, there is the unique geography. We are just a small isthmus linking the two Americas, and because the geography is so important to trade routes globally, Panama has had to fight for centuries to gain true independence. Today, we [...]
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What is Costa del Este Exactly?

“Is Costa del Este Panama City or is it something else,” said the voice over the phone. “I’m being transferred to Panama City, but my office is in Costa del Este and many of the places I’d like to live seem to be there too. When I look on the map it’s not clear.” I knew exactly what he was telling me. Sometimes Costa del Este appears as part of [...]
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Medellin and Panama Skyline at night

Panama vs. Medellin – Near Neighbours, Different Personalities

It’s not often I discover a place expats are considering as a possible retirement location which makes me pause and take a closer look. I’m fully aware of the pros and cons of most every location being touted as a “top retirement destination” from Belize and Costa Rica to Portugal and Malta, but lately I’ve been […]

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