Author: Liz Larroquette

Whether you are looking to retire in Panama, relocate your family, or buy property as an investment Liz is a wealth of knowledge you can and should tap into.

Introducing Boldly Panama

For almost 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with individuals who wanted to vacation, move to, or invest in Panama. When I first arrived, this unique little country was just beginning to develop as a nation. I have had the amazing luck of watching her grow into an impressive, powerful, well-managed country with […]

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We Are Safely Opening

Everyone is highly anticipating the arrival of October 12th! Next Monday, Panama will officially lift the ban on international travelers and we will, once again, be welcoming people from all over the globe. The government of Panama ordered the airport and country closed on March 22 so it’s been a long wait, but one that was […]

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We Feel A Lifting

When we went into strict quarantine for the second time, it was spirit-crushing. We had just started to taste a little freedom when we were quickly put back into not being able to go out, except for three days a week for a couple of hours each day. Women could go out on Monday, Wednesday and […]

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Still Number One For Retirees

It’s no secret Panama continues to struggle with COVID-19 and on July 7, 2020, announced a total of 39,334 positive cases and 770 deaths. The good news is the aggressiveness of the government’s measures to find, track, isolate and contain the virus is working. International travel has been shut down until at least until July 22. […]

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Beginning With Local Tourism

Rooting out corruption and closing the income gap for Panamanians was promised when Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo was sworn in as the newly elected president of Panama on July 1, 2019. Fast forward a year and neither of those initiatives is the main focus of the man who promised: “complete transparency” along with job opportunities for thousands, […]

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Coming Out of Quarantine!

Yesterday was officially the first time in almost three months that we could move freely in Panama. “Opening up” started by being able to run, walk and even ride a bicycle outside, but yesterday was almost total freedom. It was both glorious and frightening. Everyone wanted to resume some kind of normality but we’ve gotten so […]

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