5 Reasons Nueva Gorgona has the Best Spot on the Map

Anyone keeping a close eye on coastal real estate in Panama knows about Nueva Gorgona. Its prime location, supreme beauty, and up-and-coming atmosphere have captured the interest of those looking to get in early on Panama’s next big beach town.

As one of Coronado’s first expat residents, I’ve had many years to grow intimately familiar with Gorgona, our neighbor to the East. This last year in particular has surfaced some exciting changes for Gorgona, with even more progress on the horizon. Learn why Gorgona has become such a promising place, and why investors- both local and foreign- have started to take note.

1. It’s only 50 minutes from Panama City.


Proximity to Panama City is a major consideration when buying property in Panama. Besides being an obvious benefit for those living in or frequently traveling to the capital, such close proximity increases a property’s rental value.

Nueva Gorgona is on its way to becoming a viable option for those seeking a convenient coastal getaway. As one of the closest modern beaches to Panama City, this up-and-coming community is becoming a hit with both city dwellers and tourists.

2. Coronado is just 10 minutes up the road.

A mere 10 minute drive from the heart of Gorgona to the many shops and restaurants of Coronado.
A mere 10 minute drive from the heart of Gorgona to the many shops and restaurants of Coronado.

Gorgona offers the advantage of sitting close enough to take advantage of Coronado’s many amenities, yet far enough to escape the worst of the weekend crowd.

Coronado has a large expat population, one of the key drivers in the modernization of the community. There are four supermarkets, several banks, a wide selection of restaurants, and even an organic store. Coronado presents a level of creature comforts that can’t been found in any other beach town in Panama.

Nueva Gorgona will follow in Coronado’s footsteps. In the meantime, for those who want to get in early, a 10-minute car ride puts you right in the heart of Coronado.

Feeling more adventurous? Time the tides right, and you could even zip an ATV down the beach from Gorgona to Coronado, avoiding the roads altogether! I can vouch- a breezy ATV ride down the coast is a great way to follow up dinner with friends.

3. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Panama.

playa malibu gorgona panama

Gorgona’s premier beach, Playa Malibu, is unlike anything else on Panama’s Gold Coast. With a rolling green mountain backdrop, Gorgona’s beaches offer up a breaktaking panoramic view from sunrise to sunset. Some sights tend to lose their effect after awhile, but every time I go to Gorgona I’m taken aback by its beauty.

4. It’s extremely private.

playa malibu gorgona panama

In Nueva Gorgona, it’s not uncommon to have the entire beach to yourself. Virtually undiscovered, the area has the advantage of being more private and tranquil than other beaches.

I live in (and love) Coronado, yet I still find myself sneaking off to Gorgona on occasion to soak in the area’s rare level of beauty and seclusion.

5. It’s preparing for groundbreaking growth.

royal palm playa gorgona panama empresas bern

Now that Coronado has paved (literally and figuratively) the way for luxury beachside communities in Panama, Gorgona is the next logical step in the development of the Gold Coast..

While real estate development in Coronado has slowed (due, in part, to the lessening amount of available beachfront space) Gorgona is just about to get started. With new resort-style developments like Royal Palm on the horizon, it will not belong before Gorgona starts to make the headlines.

Click the photo to learn more about this unique resort-style development!
Click the photo to learn more about this unique resort-style development!
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