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Playa Bonita Residences Panama

A Little More Inventory Would Be Nice!

I’m not sure what I expected once the Presidential elections were completed in the United States. Like the rest of the world, I stood a bit in shock when Donald Trump declared victory. Almost no one

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Royal Palm Nueva Gorgona

Royal Palm. Absolute Beachfront, Absolutely Spectacular. [Update + Video]

The twin towers of the luxury beach-front Royal Palm condominium complex continues to meet and surpass construction deadlines with projections for first units to be delivered by December 2017.  Construction

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Town Centre Costa Del Este the New heart of Panama

New Concept, Extraordinary Potential

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t totally excited about the new developments in Costa del Este. It really is on fire. However, there are so many different and fascinating elements to the overall

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Panama and Ecuador flag

Is Ecuador All You Really Need?

I knew exactly when the Ecuadorean Ministry of Tourism’s global campaign hit the North American market, because my phone started ringing. I could almost hear their catchy rendition of the Beatles’

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footprints in sand water

Does It Just Seem As Though We Are Standing Still?

There are some days when I think I’ll never be able to put the phone down. It’s always fun having inquiries from all over the world, but the time differences sometimes make it difficult to put the

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Royal Palm drawings pencil

Pre-construction Pricing Can Mean Profit, But Do The Research

I’m the first to admit it takes a bit of courage to invest in something which is little more than a model of what a new home might look like, along with fancy pictures and lavish copy promising stunning

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View Parque Central Costa Del Este

Costa del Este: Building on Success

Over the past decade, I have watched the Panamanian real estate market boom, lag and then boom again. Around 2009 it was widely felt that Panama City hotel rooms, offices and residential units would stand

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Hand with Question Mark

What Type Of People Are Really Buying Property In Coronado?

I’m asked all the time about how many condominiums are actually on the market along the beach communities in and around Coronado, Panama. Of course I really don’t have an answer to that because I don’t

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Casa Bonita: The Closest Thing to Paradise in Panama?

The luxury condominiums that are best suited for expats are located in the heart of the Gold Coast (i.e. Coronado and, most recently, Nueva Gorgona.) While both of these areas are amazing communities

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What North Americans Should Know Before Investing in Panama Real Estate

If Latin America had parents, Panama would be their favorite child. Even the pickiest checklist would be cluttered with green check marks, as year after year Panama continues to improve. As a result,

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What Panama’s New President Means for its Economy and Expats

When vice president Juan Carlos Varela won the presidential election, plenty were happy, some were upset, and some….well, some didn’t know how to feel about it. After all, Panama has seen unprecedented

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