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Colourful Panama sign

How Much Does It Really Take To Live In Panama?

I routinely get asked just how much it actually costs to live in Panama. Can we live on $1,700 a month? What about $7,000? The question is so broad you really can’t answer it appropriately without asking

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Cruise Panama Canal

Luxury Cruise Leads to Panama

“We like to cruise,” began the woman. “We take a nice cruise about every year so and at this point, we look for places we haven’t been. I know it sounds ridiculous but we settled this year on Miami

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Doctor with Stethoscope and sunset

Medical Tourism Is Both Personal and Profitable

When I began selling real estate in Panama about a decade ago, it was pretty much limited to finding the right condominium for North American retirees who wanted a lower cost-of-living but with the beauty

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Panama and Portugal flags

Portugal vs. Panama is Mostly Personal

It used to be relatively easy to compare the various spots that turned up on “Best Places To Retire” lists because many of the more highly rated were in Central and South America. Costa Rica, Mexico,

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Tap drop ocean

Water, Water, Not Exactly Everywhere!

Panama has a love hate relationship with water. We are the fifth largest country in the world in terms of rainfall and the Panama Canal is completely dependent on having adequate water to operate. We are

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Skyscrapers palm tree

Selecting Panama Over The US For a Job Transfer?

I take great pride in being able to answer most questions individuals have when considering a move to Panama. How to open a bank account? Is a Visa needed? Can we bring our dog? How do I get a driver’s

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clouds sky question marks

And, From The Mailbag…

Once again, I've decided to open up the mail bag and share some of the questions I receive from people wondering what living in Panama is like!Getting around Panama for the mobility challengedMy wife has

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soccer ball on grass

Sports As a Way Of Reflection

It’s always impossible for me to pick a favorite place in Panama because you can find just about anything within a days’ drive. Some of the world’s best surfing, crystal blue water lapping on a white-sand

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Living in Panama

What Panama Is Doing Right

“It’s not that I don’t believe you,” the man sitting across the table from me said, “it’s just that I don’t understand why you think Panama is so much better than say Costa Rica or Uruguay.

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Picasso Cafe display

Is Panama Really A Low Cost Lifestyle?

The other day I ran across an article in The Street, which is an American financial news service founded by the over-the-top television personality, Jim Cramer. It listed Panama as the best place for expats

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Liz Larroquette

Remodel or Move?

Baby Boomers are now between 52 and 70 years of age. Still pretty healthy and active for the most part, but every day it seems I get inquiries from people considering remodeling their current home or buying

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